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[MSG]: You know you’re in love when you get the same feeling you get when you’re at WrestleMania when you’re with that person.

[MSG]: Just found my wedding vows that I was going to say. I’m good aren’t I? 

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"If you aren’t sweet then what are you?"

"A Piper," the young woman laughed. 

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"I've been thinking about you all night."



"Likewise," she spoke into the phone. "I miss you Jay."

"I miss you too." Jason says on the phone. "I feel lonely when I’m asleep."

"I wish I could do something about that but I can’t." 

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"Hmm. very cool."

"This role was played in a movie I suppose. Am I right, Mr. Reso?" 

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Yeah, I hope so. The company seems to be growing each day, so who knows. Besides, I rather stay at NXT for a while. I need to get used to everything and be on my feet.

Good idea. Sometimes I wish I could go back. Everything was just so much simpler when I was down there. 

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"Excuse you Scarlett. It’s Social Media Correspondent."

"Well sorry!" She threw her hands up. "Didn’t realize that the title mattered." 

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I hereby give you permission to

  • Comment on any ic or ooc posts.
  • Demand that we roleplay together
  • Plot lots of beautiful things with me
  • Send me shit in my submit/ask box
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"Don’t fuckin’ touch me!" Scarlett yelled.

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I've been thinking about you all night



Scarlett glanced up from the paper she was reading when the words left the older man’s mouth. They weren’t the World’s biggest shock to her but they weren’t a bit of a surprise. Never did she picture Wade as the kind of guy that confessed things. “Barrett are messing around with me or are you serious?” She wanted clarification before she did anything.

Wade looked his friend over, licking his lips before he looked down. How long had he struggled to tell her that? How many meetings with the Authority, sessions in the gym, and flirting text messages did it take to finally get his point across? He gave a deep sigh, raking a hand through his troussled black locks.

"I’ve been thinking about you…quite frequently actually. I thought that I could get over you. That I was capable of not thinking about you day in and day out. But I was wrong. I know you may not feel the same way, but just know that I have liked you for almost as long as I have  known you."

Scarlett set the paper down and folded her hands together, and then a smirk grew upon her lips. She wanted him to confess that. She knew he liked it her, it was obvious but she just wanted to hear him say it. Maybe because she wanted to feel needed or maybe it was because she just wanted to tease, she didn’t know. All she had wanted was for him to confess that he actually liked her. “I like you too, Wade,” she confessed as she jumped off the crate she was sitting on.  

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I've been thinking about you all night.



"What?" she asked perking an eyebrow. She really hadn’t know the man in front of her and the fact that he had just told her that she was on his brain made her feel surprised. "Are you okay?" she asked.

"I heard a rumor backstage that you were having some hard times," Lassiter gave a small shrug as he put his hands in his pockets, "I…I thought about that. You seem so carefree and…look. If you ever need someone to talk to…I may seem like an asshole…but I’m not."

Scarlett sighed as she tried to think of something nice to say. “Listen I appreciate your gesture but I’m fine, really.” 

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Barry didn’t like when people were sad. He saw it all the time back at Wayne Manor, when he was around Alex or Sasha or Allison. Most of the time they tended to hide away when they got too depressive. But when he could see that someone was upset? Barry would do anything in his power to get them to smile again.

"I’m here because I thought about all the people who could benefit from seeing me," he teased, grinning at her. "I have a joke. You wanna hear a joke?"

"Sure, why not?" This time she looked at him instead of the bottom of the glass. 

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Who do you ship my character with?



  • Maybe I’ll respond with a gif. 
  • Or my characters thoughts on said pairing.
  • Or I might possibly go kiss them.


Bonus for a Url

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"I've been thinking about you all night."

"Likewise," she spoke into the phone. "I miss you Jay."

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